How to Recognize the Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

Anyone who consumes alcohol, no matter what the age and how frequent you drink can be at risk for some type of alcohol poisoning. The common misconception that society has is that only people who drink very often are prone to this happening to them. This could not be further from the truth. It can happen to people who are normally only moderate or social drinkers. It can even happen to someone the first time they are drinking. It is important for everyone to be aware of what the symptoms of alcohol poisoning are so that they can recognize it in others and get help if it is needed.

Each person has a different tolerance for alcohol. A lot depends on a person’s size, including height and weight, and what their basic chemical makeup is in their body. Since there is this variance from person to person, the chances of poisoning also is different with each person, no matter what their previous drinking history may be.binge drinking

Not every person will display every symptom. Some may experience just one symptom at first while others may have a variety of them. Also, some may have much more serious symptoms than others. So much depends on the person’s chemical make-up and how much they have had to actually drink that it is not always an easy thing to determine.

Common Signs and Symptoms

  1. Slow or Difficulty Breathing
  2. Cold, Clammy, pale skin
  3. Seizures
  4. Mental Confusion
  5. Vomiting while passed out, and won’t wake up after
  6. Rapid Heartbeat

See what the mayoclinic has to say about the alcohol poisoning symptoms.

One of the first symptoms to look for in a person would be difficulty breathing. They may be taking short, shallow breaths because they feel like they are not getting enough air into their system. This stems from the respiratory system slowing down its function because the body itself is beginning to shut down. At this point, it is dangerous for the person to not get medical care.

A person may also experience a very rapid heartbeat. This is also known as tachycardia. There would also be a serious diminishing of many bodily functions. This includes their responsiveness and their reflexes. They will seem very much less alert and have little control over their body at this point. They may also go through some gagging. All of these symptoms are signs that the person may be trouble, but they can still get help.

In advanced cases, seizures and vomiting may commence next. The body no longer has control over itself and continues to shut down and is trying to eliminate the alcohol from its system in any way it can. At this point the person has likely lost control of their body completely and the muscles begin to spasm.

If the person goes unconscious , they have reached a critical stage. The body has reached the level where it cannot function anymore and needs to shut itself down. The person needs to be revived and wakened if possible before something tragic happens.

All of these symptoms of alcohol poisoning need to be addressed immediately. Emergency services should be called as soon as possible to get the person help. The outcome of a situation that has progressed this far can easily lead to a coma or death, so you need medical attention right away.

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